Thursday, 10 February 2011

Photo a Day 365 : Day 10 - green crackle glass candle holder still life

1st in a series of home "Studio" shots. I put studio in quotes as it's a simple fold up thing with little diffuser screens from Maplins

This is long exposure (about 2.5 secs) to try and get the whole thing in focus. I did a couple of f1.8 shots.. the depth of field is about 2 microns front to back ;) .. excellent bokeh though.. I might post it on my flickr account anyway.

I need to invest in a couple of flash guns so I can play with off camera flash (and not have to deal with the harsh on camera pop up!)

Anyway am going to play with this for the next few nights.. mainly because I can't be bothered taking my heavy gear back and forth to work every day ;)

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  1. good luck with the project fellow blogger. look forward to seeing what you capture.