Friday, 25 February 2011

Keeping up with the blog .. Posts and Pictures and updates oh my!!

Photo taken by Luxomedia : Used under the Creative Commons Licence.
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Dammit Jim ! I'm a Photographer not a blogger !!

What is the point of this blog? This is a question I ask myself constantly and I keep coming back to the same place. I initally planned a two pronged attack on my pet project. I would post the pictures I took onto my Flickr page and put the bare information on there and the blog would link to a copy of those shots and provide some sort of background and a discussion on my thought processes behind the shot. I planned to discuss composition, techniques I was trying out and the reasoning behind the shot. This was what I was planning.. what did I get? a cut and paste job from my Flickr site!!

This is not what I anticipated. Vistors to this site would currently be disapointed if they visited my flickr page and vice versa. There's nothing new , no deep insights, no thought processes.. nothing, zilch, nada, zip !!

I underestimated the effort this project would take. a photo a day? ha! easy! one photograph is, what?, 1/125th of a second? that leaves me 86,399 and a bit seconds everyday to do something else, how difficult could it be?

Well for one, I'm not taking ONE shot. I'm taking upwards of 30 or 40 (some days I'll take a couple of hundred!) I then sit down and transfer them to my PC and preview them all. once I've identified a suitable candidate I then have to process it. I rarely post an image "raw" so to speak. Colour balances need to be tweaked, contrast needs to be adjusted, imperfections need to be cloned out etc etc. 

By the time I've done all of that it's bedtime and it's all I can do to load the picture onto Flickr and link it to this Blog. Go to bed, dream about photography wake up Lather, rinse and repeat !

I have to be more focussed. I need to drive this site forward with better content. How difficult is a 365 project? Where am I getting my inspiration from? What do I do on the days where inspiration is missing and the end of the day is approaching? What have I been doing to improve my photography? what sites have I been visiting? what equipment have I been purchasing? Etc.. all these sorts of questions need to be asked and subsequently answered !

Hopefully what will happen is I'll get into a habit of logging the background process behind the photographs. The Flickr site will remain the domain of the technical aspects but there will be some overlap and cross over but ideally the two sites should offer two different experiences of the project.

Ultimately what should be here is a diary of a Photographer's project. The ups, the downs, the plain weirds! The Pitfalls laid bare so that any future photographer wanting to embark on a similar project has something to refer to. 

Heavens knows I know it would help me ;)

SO please, gentle reader, if there's anything you want to know please ask. Anything from location queries to more technical aspects of the photographs themselves. This blog is JUST starting to get noticed now and  my small handful of followers may soon grow. The more I have to offer them the more there is to attact them.

Here's to more dialogue.. and less cut and paste!

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  1. Look at the photos you keep and the ones you discard - be a bit more selective at the time of shooting and only actually snap the pictures you think would make good pictures you would keep.

    Be ruthless in culling at the time of taking the picture: you should know by now which would take too long in post-production to be worth keeping and which simply need a better crop.

    I take about 5-20 pictures a day and blow off about two thirds of them before even downloading. A further cull of out of focus images and then selecting the best out of two or three similar means I'm down to a small handful to actually select from.