Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Photo a Day 365 : Day 1 - St Pancras old Churchyard

Well, my resolve is being tested to the max. It's my first day of my personal little project and not only is it raining outside, I also have a stinking cold !

Personally I'd rather be tucked up nice and warm in bed at home with a steaming hot chocolate than trudging around cold, damp and dank graveyards but there you go.

Why did I chose the graveyard? ( St Pancras Old Churchyard to be precise ) 

Well I though the inherent gloom would best reflect the sombre nature of the environment.. not buying that? hmm.. actually I chose it as it was close and I wanted to get back to the office !

Didn't really get any great shots. This is what happens when you don't use your camera for months on end. Mind you , this is why I'm doing this project. It's not about good photographs (although over the course of the year I HOPE to get at least one or two) it's about sticking with it, learning from my mistakes and seeing some sort of personal development.

Here's hoping Day 2 isn't so "taxing" 

Day 1

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