Thursday, 3 February 2011

Photo a Day 365 : Day 3 - Colourful Terraced Houses in Camden London

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. 

I thought that quote about perseverance seemed appropriate ! This is getting tough quicker than I thought !

Today's shot is an exercise in "Using the correct lens for the wrong job"  but hey, you live and learn ! This is a fantastic street and one I'll revisit again before the end of the project for sure. It's Kelly Street in Kentish Town (I get about don't I)

Actually the hardest part of this project is not so much the taking of the photographs, but the processing, the uploading to Flickr and the blogging. 

I think from this point on I'll post a weekly digest .. I'll still take a photograph every day but post them a weeks worth at a time. This makes sense as I'll have more time to look over each days efforts , choose the correct one and perform any adjustments etc before posting it here.

anyway without further ado .. here is today's submission !

day 3


  1. Where is my comment?? I posted a comment about 5 minutes ago and now it says 0 comments! Stupid thing. Was just going to say what a lovely pic and it looks like the posh bit of Balamory!

  2. I meet up with a group of girlies on this street once a month. It was stunning in the snow! Dee x

  3. Michelle.. no idea ! that one arrived though!

    Pixie.. I bet it looked great. Everything looks better with a nice fresh cover of snow.. it's when it turns to ice and dirty slush that's when it's not so pretty.