Sunday, 13 March 2011

If it's not one thing.. it's another !!


They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I suppose the same can be said about the journey of a blogger. You tell yourself "I will post every day come hell or high water" and for a while you actually convince yourself that you can. But then life catches up with you.. it may be an overload at work, it may be illness, it may be technical problems with your computer or , in my case, it may be all of the above :)

It started when I had to endure an overnight bus journey from Scotland back to London. Obviously this knocked my internal body clock off kilter. I was too tired to do anything with the blog but assumed I'd catch up later. HAHA!!

Then I suffered an outage on my home network. That's not so serious.. I'm an IT Guy I could get it up and running again in 5 mins. 5 DAYS layer and I have just about got it back up. I say just about as my wife's laptop is working but I still have no internet access on my own PC. Of course my PC has all my images and image editing software on it.

Upshot is I've not uploaded pictures for well over a week and due to work commitments and general tiredness/laziness (delete as appropriate) I've not taken any pics for a number of days too.

So I guess the 365 project has died on it's backside !! However I'm still going to take photographs and blog them I will not be doing it under artificially imposed rules. I wanted the 365 project to inspire me, to make me look at things differently and instead it started to make photography into a chore. Something I had to do rather than wanted to do.

I enjoy photography and will continue to take photographs but not  forcing myself to take them because I have to.

I managed a month and for that month I enjoyed it.

There's still photographs I want to take and I will do... when I feel like it.

Rest assured that when I do take these shots I will post them here.

Bye for now.

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